Pink Pancakes with White Chocolate Mousse

Red and pink are the colours for Valentine's Day, so these pancakes are pink thanks to liquidised beetroot added to the batter. They are served with chocolate mousse and raspberries and taste delicious.
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Valentine’s Day – What to Cook?


Some people don’t like Valentine’s Day; they say it is too commercialised and a bit kitschy. And while I may agree with them to some extent, I still think there is nothing wrong with showing the important people in your life that you love them.

And one way to do it is to cook something special for them.

It could be the person’s favourite dish showing you remember and care. Or it could be a sophisticated and complicated meal emphasising the important occasion.

It could be a special chocolate cake for a bit of indulgence. Or it could be homemade granola for a healthy beginning of a day.

Or maybe it could be something pretty easy to prepare but made looking extraordinary, like pancakes.


Pink Pancakes – a Dessert not Only for Valentine’s Day

“Since these pancakes are for Valentine’s day, they should be red or pink” – I thought. But I didn’t want to use artificial food colouring. That’s why at first I used raspberry syrup instead of some of the necessary water.

Unfortunately, the colour was not intensive enough. And as I was slowly entering a panicky stage of “my idea is not as brilliant as I thought, what shall I do?!”, I remembered I had some cooked beetroot in the fridge. I liquidised it and took a risk by adding it to the prepared batter.

The beet pancakes turned out to be as I wanted them: beautifully dark pink! As far as the filling is concerned, I made a white chocolate mousse that wasn’t too sweet thanks to some slightly tart raspberries which complemented the delicate raspberry flavour in the Pink Pancakes.

Although when I was preparing these Pink Pancakes, I had Valentines’ Day in mind, I think they can (and probably should) be served more often.

Adding beetroot made them healthier and when you have a child that is not keen on vegetables, every little portion you can sneak into a meal counts. And which child will say no to pink pancakes?


Pink Pancakes with White Chocolate Mousse

Agnieszka Weiner
Pancakes made with beetroot served with white chocolate mousse and raspberries.
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 50 mins
Servings 4 people


  • 250 g plain flour
  • 250 ml milk
  • 200 ml water
  • 75 ml raspberry syrup
  • 1 cooked or roasted beetroot liquidized, weighing approx. 150-200g
  • oil for frying
  • 100 g white chocolate broken into small pieces
  • 150 ml double cream
  • 200 g raspberries


  • Put all the pancakes’ ingredients to a food processor and process till combined. Alternatively – use a hand mixer or a whisker.
  • Smear a medium size frying pan with oil (you can do it by putting a drop of oil on the pan and smearing it with a folded kitchen paper) and heat it; fry pancakes*. From the above proportions you will probably make more than 8 pancakes so you can serve the rest with any other filling.
  • To make the filling, melt the white chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of boiling water (the bowl should not touch the water, no water should get into the bowl with chocolate either), stir and cool down.
  • Whip the double cream till stiff and when the chocolate is cool, mix together.
  • To serve the heart-shaped pancakes, place one on a serving plate, cover with a quarter of the filling, put some cut raspberries on top and cover with the second pancake, decorate with more raspberries.


* To get heart shaped pancakes, you could use a form for frying pans or if you don’t have one, you could cut the shape out from fried pancakes.
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