The First Week of My Detox – will I stick to the rules and survive? (Part 2)

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The First Week of My Detox - will I stick to the rules and survive PIN

The First Seven Days of My Detox

Day 1

I feel great about starting this detox diet.

After breakfast – I choose the avocado option – I make my own almond paste as I want it to be as healthy as possible and without any unnecessary additions. So I process 200g of almonds for approx. 10 minutes till I get a thick but amalgamated paste.

I also cook my 2 soups. I don’t add any salt to either of them and I think this is now for me the biggest problem: I unfortunately like salt and probably have been adding too much of it.

However I am hoping that after this 2-week detox my taste buds will adjust to less salt and although I cannot see myself not using salt at all, I hope I will be able to decrease the amount I add to my meals.

Though the soups don’t taste that great, I cook double portions to make sure I don’t have to cook 2 different soups every day.

For the same reason, I also prepare a big portion of apple mousse. It is simply made of peeled cooked with a bit of and cinnamon. The mousse tastes really good and sweet even though I don’t add any sugar.

Apart from the soup, my dinner consists of a portion of steamed salmon (with a squeeze of lemon juice and pepper) and cooked broccoli.

For the daily activity, I do 30 min. of muscle strengthening exercises and 50 min. of running.

Overall after the first day of my cleansing , I feel pretty good, only a bit tired (it is normal).

I know I will have a problem with food not tasting its usual way, so I will have to lower my expectations from one hand but from the other – I think about making it tastier while still following the rules of this detox regime.


Day 2

Drinking warm juice just after I wake up is not new to me – I have been doing it since my cousin advised me several years ago.

The only difference is that I have had it with a slice of lemon and now during the detox, it is with half a lemon. It is sour but not so sour that it is unpleasant to drink.

Except for breakfast when I have a slice of bread with almond butter (good but a bit of honey would make it great J), I have the same meals as yesterday and I do feel tomorrow I definitely will need a change.

From an early afternoon I start feeling really tired and sleepy so I promise myself to go to bed earlier not to have the same problem tomorrow. However, I don’t use it as an excuse and I do the same amount of exercises as yesterday.


Day 3

I desperately need a change in taste so I cook a sour gherkin soup for myself and it is yummy (even though still no salt in it!). I think having a distinct flavour like the sour gherkin balances out the lack of saltiness.

Another change from yesterday – dinner.

I prepare a chicken breast for myself by marinating it in garlic and hot paprika and then roasting it in foil without any fat.

I have it with a salad made of lamb’s lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers with lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil.

Although I should have cooked vegetables for dinner, I am positive raw ones are not going to do any harm to me ;-).


Day 4

I have read each detox exhausts organism maybe that is why I have to sleep longer than usually. Last night I went to bed early, slept almost 9 hours and feel I would still do with a bit more.

I definitely will have to make the sour gherkin soup again, I really enjoy having it for lunch with a portion of brown rice.

But still – the apple mousse for a snack is my favourite meal of the day during this detox!


Day 5

Since I still cook for my family, today I take a shortcut and cook mushroom soup for all of us. I cheat a bit and add some salt and organic vegetable stock to it. The soup tastes great!

Today I also skip fruit mousse and have an apple instead.

I unfortunately also skip exercising – I didn’t do it in the morning and in the evening I am simply too tired. However, I did a lot of cleaning so maybe that will count 😉


Day 6

Today and tomorrow are going to be very difficult for me. We have a guest staying over so obviously, I will prepare tasty food. Will I be able to resist and stick to my detox diet?

The only solution is to adjust it a bit and instead of my diet lunch, I have 2 types of salads: tomato & roast pepper and beetroot, grape & pomegranate. They taste divine.

When in the evening we go to the cinema I am fine with not having anything to eat while we watch a movie as anyway I never really enjoy fast food.


Day 7

I am really proud of myself today: after a long walk (just like yesterday that is my exercise for today) we end up in one of my favourite coffee and cake places but what do I (bravely) order? – Mushroom soup and !

I enjoy them (really) watching the guys drinking lattes and having 2 (!) amazing cakes each. Resisting these cakes is a real achievement.

At dinner time I have plenty of vegetables and the same chicken as everybody else but without the sauce. So now I can proudly announce that I have quite successfully completed the first week of my detox diet!



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  2. Welcome. I love dogs so that was an easy decision 🙂

  3. Thank you. It was difficult but doable 😉

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