Detox – What Are The Benefits And What Should You Eat? (Part I)

You will learn here about the benefits of going on a detox diet as well as products you can and can't eat. I have also included a two-week plan of a detox diet I have tested.
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Detox – What are the Benefits?


Spring has always meant for me spring cleaning at my home. But this year, I decided to extend it also to my body and go on a detox diet.

Detoxification in general means having high quality (preferably organic) unprocessed food and drinking lots of water or green tea. You should also eliminate bad food for a period of time to allow your body to get rid of those toxins.

I have read many articles about cleansing diets, and opinions on their effectiveness vary.

Some sources promise you will feel better and lighter after your body removes toxins. Others claim there is no scientific proof detox diets actually work.

So I decided to check it out myself. I think eating only healthy food and banning solid fats and added sugar for some time will certainly do no harm to me, and maybe there will be positive results after all.

Through my research, I have found a few different options: short detoxes lasting only 2-3 days, very strict ones or detoxes that require spending long hours in the kitchen since they give very precise directions as to what and when to eat.

I decided at the end to implement gentle detoxification that I found in an old Elle Magazine article. I liked it because it gave overall guidelines and it was not too detailed like some other ones that make you weigh each and every ingredient.


Detox Plan – What Should (or Shouldn’t) You Eat?


For clarity and simplicity I divided the products/recommendations for this detox plan into three groups:

Banned products:

  • sugar and sweets,
  • acidifying products that intensify the production of free radicals: dairy products, simple carbohydrates (e.g. white bread, rice and pasta), saturated and trans fats (butter, fatty meat, sausages, processed food), alcohol, coffee, ready-prepared meals, fried food.

To be kept under control:

  • animal proteins as they should be limited to 150g per day,
  • salt.


  • Ecological, high-quality food,
  • Alternative sources of calcium: almonds, whole grain wheat, green leafy vegetables,
  • Products with favourable alkaline: green vegetables, sprouts, seasonal fruit, brown rice, rice milk, quinoa, eggs.
  • Olive oil – the source of unsaturated fats.
  • Drinking lots of water and green tea,
  • Daily physical activity – at least 30 minutes of walking or running.


And here is the suggested DETOX PLAN FOR 2 WEEKS: 

Just after waking up:

  • 1 glass of warm water with juice from 1 lemon,


  • Green tea with ginger and lemon,
  • 1 slice of spelt bread with almond butter OR 1 mashed avocado with sprouts,


  • 1 bowl of cream soup made only with vegetables,
  • 1 portion of brown rice or quinoa with vegetables cooked al dente,


  • 1 portion of fruit mousse,
  • a few almonds,


  • 1 portion of vegetable soup,
  • choice of 1 portion of proteins: fatty fish e.g. salmon (3 times per week), poultry (twice per week), 2 eggs (once per week), goat’s cheese or mozzarella (once per week),
  • cooked vegetables.

So with all the research sorted and shopping done, I am ready to start my detox plan!

P.S. If you would like to check how I survived the first week of my detox, please read this post.

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  • Thanks for posting such a useful plan! I agree that I can't be bothered weighing each ingredient and being painfully strict with myself but I really do need to detox. I seem to have developed a severe sugar addiction recently! I'll definitely be giving your plan a go!

    • Welcome, and I am happy you found it useful. I agree sugar and sweets are addictive, but luckily it takes only about 14 days to adjust to a different taste. Good luck :)

  • I practise what is called as juice feasting.. it is nothing but detoxification. Right from morning till night I drink variety of vegetable juices almost 3 to 3.5 litres. I have lost weight and feel fitter..The logic is on the day of detox the liver and pancreas are not overloaded with work because of nutrients directly available to body without digestion. Thus it helps liver and pancreas to rejuvenate. I can send free list of recipes to those who are interested.. write to me at

    • Thank you for your comment. This detox sounds interesting, I wonder how many days you have to be on it to see and feel the results.

    • Hi, I haven't been sending any newsletters for a long time, mainly due to the change in GDPR. But if you follow Tastes of Health on Facebook, you will be receiving the notifications about new posts :)

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