New Year’s Resolutions – How To Set Goals [and stick to them for life]?


New Year Resolutions – Why Can’t We Realise Them?

We all know people who every year make New Year’s Resolutions. Possibly, some of them every year make the same new year resolutions. We even may belong to that group. Why can we never reach these goals? 

The answer to this question is not easy. For some of us having new years resolutions might be sort of a tradition. We set them every year (without even thinking too much about them) because everyone else does. Most of us are full of energy and goodwill in January. Thus, right at the beginning, we work religiously on meeting our resolutions. However, as time passes we are less and less enthusiastic about them. But why? Are our goals simply too ambitious or does lack of motivation hinder our success?

Making a change is difficult but making many big changes at the same time is extremely difficult. Thus maybe it is better to start with one or a maximum of two small amendments to our life. So if we want to improve our diet, instead of avoiding junk food completely, let’s start with quitting only biscuits or crisps. This should be so much easier to achieve. And once we are successful, it will motivate us to do more.


New Years Resolution – How to Set Goals

Organizing a support system might also be helpful in achieving our goal. So if we are, for instance, eliminating crisps from our diet, it’s better to avoid the temptation and simply not have any at home. Additionally, it might be a good idea to tell our family and friends about our resolution. Thanks to it not only will they not offer any crisps to us, but we may feel more obliged to stick to this plan as we want to avoid the embarrassment of admitting to failure.

Once the goal is chosen, we have to set the start date for realizing the plan. Any day is good enough as long as it is realistic. Beginning our adventure with outdoor jogging in winter when it is cold and icy is not the best idea. We will probably very quickly start looking for excuses not to go outside.

But when we do start, it is important to keep a record of how we do in realizing our plan. For instance, writing down daily or weekly time spent on exercising will make us feel great and even more motivated when we do well. And when we don’t achieve the planned hours, we will be able to easily notice that. Then we can think of the reasons and adjust the workout plans accordingly. So if we were to, for example, workout 3 times per week in the evening in a gym but we end up going only once because we are too tired, going there in the morning or exercising at home will resolve that problem.


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New Year’s Resolutions – How to Stick to Them for Life

When we accomplish our goals we will already feel wonderful. But why not celebrate the success in a special way that will make us want to achieve even more? We can, for instance, reward ourselves with a small gift whenever we lose 2kg or reach planned hours of workout in a month. Obviously, the reward shouldn’t undermine the achievements. Thus celebrating the first month without biscuits with a huge cake is not the best idea!

However, after the celebration, there is still a lot of hard work because we want to make sure that whatever we have achieved is a permanent change for life. It probably will not be easy but writing down how this change has improved our lives and how great we feel about would certainly help. And keeping on eliminating the tempting triggers (biscuits, crisps, easy excuses) is very important too.

Having read this post, now you may think it is a few weeks too late. But I feel you have read it just in time. If you have already given up on fulfilling your new year’s resolutions as they seemed unachievable, hopefully after reading this post you will get back to them. Maybe you will adjust them so they are not that demanding. Or maybe you will concentrate just on one goal remembering that small improvement is better than no improvement. And if you haven’t set your new year resolution yet, now with this newly gained insight, it is going to be so much easier.

And it really doesn’t matter the New Year was a few weeks ago because nobody said you have to wait for New Year to improve your life.


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