What to Do in Barcelona When You Have Seen It All?

What to See in Barcelona – Top Attractions in Barcelona

“What are we going to do in Barcelona since we have seen everything there?” – My daughters asked this question when they found out we were going to this beautiful Spanish city. And although there was an element of truth in what they said, I knew we weren’t going to be bored there.

My first trip to Barcelona was very impromptu. We were students enjoying a beach holiday in Costa Brava. But one day we spontaneously decided to catch a bus to Barcelona. We had neither a guidebook nor a clue what to see there. However, somehow and miraculously while we were wandering there, we managed to see a few of the top attractions of Barcelona: the Ramblas, Park Ciudadela, we even reached Park Guell.

Each subsequent time I went there, I planned the trip better, and we saw more. No wonder that before our latest visit, we had all the major tourist attractions in Barcelona ticked off. So did it make sense to go there again after all?

Obviously, there can be only one answer – YES! Because even though we had seen some of the attractions more than once before, we were still thrilled to see them again. And I am not only talking about Sagrada Familia that is yet being built so each time we saw it, it looked slightly different. Simply, when you visit places without the time pressure (“we can spend here only 15 minutes because there is still so much we MUST see”), you can notice so much more and appreciate it so much better.


Do You Know What to Do in Barcelona after You Have Been There Many Times Before?

However, during our latest stay in Barcelona, we concentrated on places we had never visited before. We started with Tibidabo – the highest peak in the area that overlooks the whole city. Besides admiring magnificent views, we also visited a church located there. Like probably everyone else staying in Barcelona, we had seen this church before from a distance: It is the building towering over the city with a statue on top. Only when we were actually there, we noticed that the church had been built on top of a crypt. So when you look at the building, you have a feeling that there are two churches (with complete different exteriors) on top of each other, quite amazing!

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Tibidabo: the church on top of the crypt.

During our previous visits, we had admired the beautiful Art Nouveau façade of Palau de la Musica Catalana. However this time, we attended a concert there. The luxurious interior of the concert hall, staircases, corridors was just breath-taking! And the whole experience in this fantastic place was probably the highlight of our visit. I would highly recommend it to everybody.

The concert hall in Palau de la Musica Catalana

New (at least for us ;)) Attractions in Barcelona

During our latest visit, we stayed in a completely different area of Barcelona. And thanks to it we found an amazing street – Rambla del Poblenou. It looks like a smaller version of the famous but really overcrowded Las Ramblas. The Poblenou street also has a pedestrian pathway in the centre with lots of greenery, but additionally, there are different trees and bushes on each roundabout. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes along the Rambla and a market on Saturday. It has a great atmosphere, and when you walk there, you will probably (at least we did) feel like a resident of Barcelona rather than a tourist. And at the end of the walk, you will reach the sea. Just as you would if you walked on Las Ramblas.

A roundabout at Rambla del Poblenou.

I also must mention a place called “The World Begins With Every Kiss”. We knew about it and visited it only because I had seen it on somebody’s photo on Instagram. It is a mural of a kiss of freedom made of 6000 ceramic tiles. Each small tile has a picture that represents “a moment of freedom”. You could spend there a long time looking at the individual tiles, but it is a very “instagramable” spot! That means everybody wants to take photos there, we even had to wait in a queue for our turn! But because it is in a lovely part of the city, I don’t think anybody minds waiting.

A part of the mural “The World Begins With Every Kiss”.

So as you can see, there is still plenty to do in Barcelona even if you (think) you have seen it all. And believe it or not but I already have ideas for our next trip to this fantastic city. I also feel Barcelona may become my second love, just after Rome.


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