Making Money Blogging

Making Money Blogging

How I Started Food Blogging

I created my food blog over 2 years ago. Thus, I thought it would be helpful for others to find out about beginnings of blogging and making money blogging. Although I had to deal with some issues on the way (details below), I like working on my website a lot. I initially started it to sort out my recipes. But also to share them online with pals who frequently asked for recipes for dishes they tasted in my house. However gradually, I found out about blog monetization, too.

Before I discuss making money blogging, I have to clarify that you should not create a website just to profit from it. In the beginning, when you don’t have loads of visitors, it’s impossible to see any profits. So you have to be enthusiastic and patient. As it is only after months of effort and hard work on establishing your site and growing your visitors’ list that you can finally start seeing substantial returns.


What You Have to Do Before Making Money Blogging

Before you even set up a site, you have to choose what type of blog you are going to have. You can create a general blog, but it is then harder to be discovered. Among the very best methods to stick out from the crowd is by having a unique selling point, a very special niche. Examples of individual selling points for food blogs are vegan meals, simple meals, etc.

As soon as you have chosen precisely what kind of subject you will concentrate on, you need to consider an appropriate name for your blog. The very best idea is to have a name that connects to an area you will be sharing posts on. Generic names such as ‘Joe’s Blog’ will make it much harder for you to stick out from the crowd (unless you are Gordon Ramsey).


Choosing Hosting Company

You can create your blog as soon as you understand exactly what it will focus on, and you have a name for it. There are many different complimentary web hosts that you can use, or you can have your paid hosting. The second option offers many more opportunities for making money blogging.

If you choose to have your own paid hosting, ensure you select a reliable hosting company with quality servers, management software application and service. Such a business will quickly respond to your inquiries as well as it will help you to resolve issues. It likewise keeps backups of your website that can be used right away in case of emergency (e.g. hacked site).


Choosing a Content Management Platform

Selecting a content management platform is another decision that you must think over very well. It will be both difficult and time-consuming to move to another platform later on if you change your mind. Merely, not all the functions are quickly and immediately transferable, and you may need to do it manually.

I changed a content management platform from Blogger to WordPress after a year of blogging. As a result, I had actually to invest a great deal of time getting everything arranged. From my experience, I would suggest WordPress to new bloggers. There are plenty of templates you can choose from, including the complimentary ones, so for sure, you will discover the one you love. Secondly, it is straightforward to use. There are loads of WordPress plugins available that make composing successful posts much easier. One of them is Yoast SEO Premium which optimises the material of your post. They also make your blog easier to browse and more enticing to your audience.

It depends on you which ones you select. However, some plugins are vital. One of them is Google Analytics, which lets you see your advertising ROI (roi). The other one is Wordfence. This plugin works as a wall protecting your blog from hacker attacks. That’s why it is crucial to the security of your blog. Securing your site is a bit like your health: you begin valuing it once it is gone. My blog was hacked many times in the past; I nearly needed to start it all over again. I lost over 6 months attempting to recover the situation within months of beginning my blog. So I know precisely how essential it is to safeguard your website from hackers.

Getting Traffic to Your Blog – One Way of Making Money Blogging

You can only start making money blogging if your site gets lots of visitors. This is because the more individuals visit your blog, the more likely it is that they will click on your ads, buy your book, or click on one of your affiliate links.

Setting up an email list can also help you in making money blogging since emailing people reminds them to visit your site. You can additionally expand your following by promoting your blog on social media. Reading up on marketing strategies is invaluable for this part. You ought to use search engine optimization (SEO) to make your keyword search results appear on the front pages on search engines.


Making Money Blogging

Google Adsense permits you to include ads on your blog, and when people click on them, you receive some cash. Affiliate programs or affiliate links are another way of earning money from a food blog site. Amazon affiliates earn the commission when somebody clicks on their link and then makes a purchase.

Your readers will know if you are promoting something just because you got money for it. So make sure you choose wisely products and services you support. When working with companies, make sure you are fairly compensated. If you are getting little money for lots of work, it’s better simply to turn down the cooperation and focus on building your blog brand name rather.

Some bloggers also attempt to expand their blogs into companies. They compose e-books or sell products. Writing an ebook can be useful in 2 ways. You earn money if you sell it. And if you provide it away for free in return for an email address, you can gain a lot of readers because people always like freebies. And more readers indicate a higher possibility of more of them clicking your ads and so on.


Words of Advice for Making Money Blogging

Numerous bloggers now use their blogs as their sole source of earnings. But monetizing your blog isn’t really that simple as it is highly competitive. And most likely, before you start earning money from your blog, you will have to invest some in it at first.

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