How to Make Money Writing a Blog?

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How I Started My Blog

I have been a food blogger for more than two years.That’s why I thought it would be beneficial for others to find out how I started my blog and how to make money writing a blog. Although I had a fair share of problems along the way (details listed below), I enjoy food blogging. I initially began my website to sort out my recipes and also to share them online with friends who used to ask for recipes of meals they tried in my house. However, with time, I learned about blog monetization, too.

I have to warn you that you should not create a blog only to generate income. In the beginning, when you do not have lots of visitors, it’s incredibly difficult to see any profits from blogging. So you need to be passionate and persistent. Because it is only after months of effort and hard work on developing your site and growing your audience that you can finally begin seeing some returns.


Before You Start Your Blog

The first thing you have to do when you want to establish a website is to choose what sort of blog you are going to have. If you ‘re going to stick out from the crowd, you should have a distinct selling point. Examples of unique selling points for food blogs are vegan meals, easy meals, and so on. In case of other areas, you will also have to look for niches that are not so competitive.

When you have decided exactly what type of subjects you will focus on, you need to think about a suitable name for your site. The best idea is to have a name that associates with the area you will be sharing your posts about. Generic names will make it much harder for you to stand apart from the crowd.


Hosting Options

You can finally create your blog when you understand what it will focus on, and you have a name for it. There are several free web hostings that you can use. But paid hosting maybe a better answer to a question how to make money writing a blog. It just offers you more opportunities to generate cash from your website.

If you choose to have paid hosting, make sure you pick a trusted organisation with quality servers, management software and service. Such a business will quickly respond to your queries as well as it will help you to resolve problems. It will also keep backups of your site that can be used right away in case, e.g. your website is hacked.


Picking a Content Management Platform

You should also spend some time selecting a content management platform. It will be both challenging and time-consuming to move to another platform later on if you are not pleased with your initial choice. Simply, not all the features are easily and immediately transferable and you might have to do it manually.

I altered a content management platform from Blogger to WordPress after a year of blogging and have invested a lot of time getting everything transferred. I would suggest WordPress to new blog writers. To start with, there are lots of site design templates you can select from, also the complimentary ones, so for sure, you will discover the one you loke. Secondly, it is straightforward to use. There are loads of WordPress plugins available that make composing successful posts easier such as Yoast SEO Premium which optimises the content of your post. They likewise make your blog simpler to navigate and more attractive to your audience.

It is essential to think about the security of your site. My blog was hacked numerous times in the past. I practically had to begin it all over again and lost over 6 months attempting to recover. Wordfence is an excellent solution to prevent such problems.

How to Make Money Writing a Blog – Get More Visitors

Getting lots of traffic to your site is one answer to a question how to make money writing a blog. This is because the more people visit your site, the more likely it is that they will click on your advertisements, affiliate links or buy your book. Greater traffic additionally suggests companies will pay you more to promote their services or products. The most obvious method to obtain peoples’ attention is by including appealing content. Naturally, the more popular posts you have, the more people will have a need to visit your blog.

Because emailing individuals reminds them to visit your blog, setting up an e-mail list will also help you earn cash. You can, in addition, broaden your following by promoting your blog through social networks. Researching marketing strategies is vital for this part, too. You ought to use Search Engine Optimization to make your keyword search results show up on the front pages on search engines. You need to also establish relevant social media accounts and post on them often to maintain momentum.

How to Make Money Writing a Blog

Google Adsense enables you to include ads on your blog site. So when individuals click on them, you get some money. Affiliate programs or affiliate links are another method of profiting. Amazon affiliates make their commission when somebody clicks on their link and then makes a purchase.

You can also benefit through sponsorships – however, don’t overdo it. Your readers will sense if you are promoting something only since you received cash for it. As a result, you can lose some of your readers. They will just not believe what you state if you are marketing either low-grade or too many items. You can likewise contact sponsoring companies that you want to work with. One piece of guidance is that when working with businesses, make sure you are fairly compensated. If you are provided little money for lots of work, it’s better just to turn it down and concentrate on developing your blog site brand name rather.

Some bloggers also expand their blogs into businesses selling ebooks and products.


How to Make Money Writing a Blog – Words of Advice

Numerous bloggers now utilize their blogs as their sole income. They can earn a lot of money from it. But making money from a blog isn’t simple as it is highly competitive. You have to work on it regularly and patiently wait for terrific outcomes. And most likely, prior to you earning money from your blog, you will have to invest some money in it. It’s true that some blog templates are free and some hosting businesses are cheaper. You initially may also believe you do not need specific paid features on your website. But if you wish to have an effective blog, please learn from my experience and make the necessary investments. Dealing with my site, my posts, and my dishes have taught me lots of important lessons. And I hope I have passed some of the knowledge onto you.

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