How to Make Money Blogging

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How I Started Blogging

I have been a food blogger for more than 2 years. So I thought it would work for others to find out about my beginnings of blogging and how to make money blogging. At the beginning, I had to deal with some issues, but I like blogging very much. I originally began working on my website to organize my recipes and also to share them online with pals who often requested for recipes for dishes they tried in my house. However, over time, I discovered blog monetization, too.

Prior to talking about making money from a food blog, I have to say that you shouldn’t start a food blog just to make cash. In the beginning, when you don’t have great deals of traffic, it’s practically impossible to see any money from blogging. So you have to be enthusiastic and hard working. Because it is after months of continuous effort on establishing your site and growing a list of your followers that you can finally begin seeing some returns.


Before Starting Your Blog

Before you even set up a website, you have to decide what kind of blog you are going to have. And you should choose a suitable name for your blog as soon as you have decided exactly what type of subject you will focus on. Generic names such as ‘Tom’s Blog’ will make it much harder for you to stick out from the crowd (of course unless you are Gordon Ramsey).


Picking Hosting Options in Making Money from a Food Blog

As soon as you know what your blog will focus on and you have a name for it, you can finalize it. There are various complimentary web hosting that you can use, or you can have your own paid hosting. Having paid hosting provides many more chances to make money from your blog.

If you decide to have your very own hosting, ensure you choose a reputable company that will deal with your queries promptly as well as will help you to resolve problems. It also keeps backups of your website that can be utilized right away in case of emergency (like after hackers attack your blog site as this most likely will happen).


Choosing a Content Management Platform

Selecting a content management platform is another decision that you ought to consider. If you are not happy with your initial decision, it will be both time-consuming and tough to relocate to another platform later on. Just, not all the features are easily and immediately transferable and you may need to do it manually.

There are plenty of website design templates you can choose from, likewise the complimentary ones, so for sure, you will find the one you love. There are loads of WordPress plugins readily available that make composing great posts simpler such as Yoast SEO Premium which optimises the material of your articles. They likewise make your blog easier to navigate and more attractive to your audience.

It depends on you which ones you select, however some plugins are indispensable. One of them is Google Analytics, which lets you see your marketing Return On Investment. The other one is Wordfence. This plugin works as a wall safeguarding your blog site from hacker attacks, so it is crucial to the security of your blog. Protecting your site is a bit like your health: you begin valuing it once it is gone. My blog was hacked lots of times in the past, I practically had to begin it all over again. I lost over 6 months attempting to undo the damage. That’s why I can tell you how important it is to protect your site from hackers.


How to Make Money Blogging – Getting Traffic to Your Site

If your site gets lots of traffic, you can begin earning money. This is because the more individuals visit your blog, the more likely they are to click your advertisements, affiliate links, or purchase your ebook. Higher traffic likewise implies companies will pay you more to promote their services or products. The most apparent method to obtain individuals’ attention is by adding interesting content. Simply, the more posts you have, the more individuals will have a need to visit your blog. Obviously, you need to publish interesting material and terrific photos consistently!

Because emailing people reminds them to visit your blog, setting up an e-mail list is also an answer to a question how to make money blogging. You can furthermore expand your following by promoting your blog using social networks. Researching marketing strategies is vital for this part. You need to use SEO to ensure your keyword search results show up on the front pages on search engines. You have likewise to establish appropriate social networks accounts and post on them often to preserve momentum.


How to Make Money Blogging

Google Adsense allows you to include advertisements on your blog, and when individuals click on them, you receive some cash. Affiliate programs or affiliate links are another methods of making money from a blog. For example, Amazon affiliates make the commission when someone clicks on their link and then buys it.

You can also benefit through sponsorships – however, do not do too much of it. Your readers will notice that you are promoting something only due to the fact that you received cash for it. As a result, you can lose some of your readers. If you are pitching either too many of or low-quality items, they will simply no longer believe what you write. You also have to ensure that when working with companies you should be fairly compensated. It’s better sometimes to turn offer down if you are offered too little. Instead, you should concentrate on constructing your blog site and brand name.


Words of Advice on How to Make Money Blogging

Numerous bloggers now utilize their blogs as their sole source of income. But earning money from a food blog isn’t really that easy as is exceptionally competitive. And probably, prior to you making money from your blog site, you will have to invest some at first.

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